Our Fees

TUITION FEES 2021/2022

Payment Options

 Tuition Fees
Single Annual
Termly Payments
(3 Terms)
Monthly Payments
(10 Months)
Pre-Prep, Prep & Reception
 Primary (Forms 1-5)
Secondary (Forms 6-8)
 IGCSE (Forms 9 & 10)  €11,130 €11,130 €3,820  €1,195
 IBDP (Forms 11&12)  €12,420 €12,420  €4,260  €1,330

Fees cover costs of tuition, reasonable stationery issued by the School, normal art materials, loan of text books and small incidental costs.

Other Charges:

Capital and Maintenance Charge |  €500
This is a single annual charge made at the beginning of each academic year for each pupil.

Pupil Insurance | €40
This is charged annually in the first invoice of the Autumn Term. This provides limited annual personal cover for a pupil; the maximum compensation payment is dependent on the type of injury. The policy can be inspected in the Finance Office. Claims are only payable if a hospital or clinic designated by the insurance company is used.

Registration Fee | Euro 70

Acceptance Fee | Euro 300

Refundable Deposit of One Term’s Fee |variable

In the case of substantial arrears (one term’s fees) the School will act to withdraw any (fee) discount, and/or refuse admission for the pupil in the following academic year. Unpaid debts including penalties and administrative costs will be pursued by legal means even if the pupil is withdrawn from the School.

Other costs:

Canteen Fees
School lunches are priced at €4.40 per meal in Primary and €5.60 in Secondary. Parents will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Examination Fees
In some year groups pupils sit external examinations, for example, Checkpoints, IGCSE and IBDP. The fees for such external examinations are usually added to the pupil’s invoice in the second or third term and must be paid in advance of sitting the examinations.

Parental authorisation will be sought for School trips and other events. These costs will be invoiced.

Optional Extra-Curricular Activities

There are a number of extra-curricular activites available for students. Some are free and some have an associated cost. Please see the activity lists sent out each term for details on costs as well as individual payment details, as some activites will be invoiced by the school and others are to be paid directly to the activity facilitator.

After Care
After Care in the Primary Section is priced at €1.00 per 15 minutes. After Care is charged after 3.30pm (4.10pm for those who need to wait for siblings to finish school). Parents will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Reduction in Tuition Fees for More Than Two Children
Parents who have more than two children in the School are entitled to a reduction of 25% of the tuition fees of the third child. There is a 50% reduction for the fourth child’s tuition fees. The 50% reduction applies to any additional children. In the event of one of the children leaving, the situation will revert to the next lower discount level.

Changes in fees
Normally fees are only varied for a new academic year. However, the School reserves the right to make changes at other intervals if necessary, but will always give reasonable notice.

Notice of Withdrawal
On accepting a place for a pupil in the School parents also contract to give a full term's advance notice in writing of any intention to withdraw the pupil, or should this period of notice not be respected, agree to pay a full term's tuition fees in lieu of such notice. If the term’s advance notice is not respected, the School will retain the Refundable Deposit to offset the tuition fees due in lieu of notice.